only finger tracing tells

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Nothing at all

Here I fall asleep with secondhand images
various qualities of cold cold cold
truth at arms length frantic finger tips
ancient traps return to keep score
tactic-infected chilly souls
done with firesides and want
refusing happy hints
leading, trailing, slowing down
bringing form to shapeless blanket lumps
looking again, to be sure again, cold again
what I would miss, I do already

Sunday, February 19, 2006

cuddle with your pretty little shadow

kiss you with a p.s. "bye"
you may have been but i'm done
fear the yearning and keep me posted
as a quiet comes over the sea
i like the toy animals in your songs
your complete noah's ark
collection of noises
nothing more than new silences
i like walls better than rooms
made of definitions too hard to define
i'm keeping this world's windows closed
let your body fall like the bloody knife
with your lazy grasp of gravity
now prop yourself up against the wall
i'll use your notes like stepping stones
but i'm aiming across these lines
i hope you don't think i'll ever be found
in the present again
where your lies can see mine
faking a choice to keep passing time
holding the hand of an exhibition
of an image of a picture of a girl

found an unfinished note to myself
all it said was "i don't remember what i meant"